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Ballet has always been a part of my life. either watching or taking lessons. I began lessons at nine years old an only stopped at twenty two when marriage and children intervened!

It's now nearly two years ago as a very senior citizen that I found the courage to take classes again.[at city dance centre] Sakura [Shimizu] is not only a patient and encouraging teacher,but also a superb dancer herself. love her to death!!! Anyone wanting to learn ballet should ring city dance centre, it's the best.

-Chriatine Hubay
24 October 2012

rekindle my love for ballet here and Sakura is an excellent, kind and patient teacher.

She makes you want to lean and progress more. It does not matter if you have not done ballet before or have forgotten it like I did and it does not matter if you make mistakes, you will enjoy it. It's good for your body and soul :)

-Sonya Veronica
23 March 2013